PD2Tools, previously known as PD2Weapons, is a collection of tools to assist the PAYDAY 2 game community. Here you can, among other things:

- Create, analyze and share full loadouts or skill builds;
- Preview and share mask customizations;
- Obtain information about all active and existing Side Jobs;
- Find people with similar interests and objectives to play with.

All tools are built to replicate the game's features as close as possible.

Philipp (YaPh1l) and TdlQ - LUA repositories.

Bundle Modder - Bundle extraction tool.

PayDay Mods - BLT Hook & Update Manager.

BeardLib - Modding library.

The Long Guide - Bulldozer armor values.

AJValentine and Malidictus - Collaborative work (Masks).

OVERKILL - Permission & approval.
For news, feature suggestions or bug reports, please visit the PD2Tools Steam Group¹.

¹ Steam does not allow group name changes, hence the outdated name.
Blue Screen of Death - Self-taught, hobby programmer with a passion for doing things that usually don't render him any income.