PD2Weapons is first and foremost a PAYDAY 2 loadout simulation interface. Its goal is to offer the community the best possible tools when it comes to creating, analyzing and sharing loadouts.

It also provides the community with tools for creating and/or finding crews to play with, in an effort to facilitate communication between players alike.


Philipp (YaPh1l) - LUA repository.

Bundle Modder - Bundle extraction tool.

PayDay Mods - BLT Hook & Update Manager.

BeardLib - Modding library.

The Long Guide - Bulldozer armor values.

AJValentine and Malidictus - Collaborative work (Masks).

OVERKILL - Permission granted.


For news, feature suggestions or bug reports, please visit the PD2Weapons Steam Group.


Blue Screen of Death - Self-taught, hobby programmer with a passion for doing things that usually don't render him any income.


- The simulator mimics the calculation done in game, with a few exceptions. These are usually broken skills that have been fixed or skills whose target stats are not displayed (e.g.: snap to zoom speed).

- A few conditional skills are applied to base stats for the sake of head/body shots calculation (e.g.: Overkill, Berserker, etc).

- Some weapons' stats are changed from start because some upgrades are given to all players by default.

- Blueprint: List of mods - and skin, if any - crafted into a weapon.

- Blueprints are assembled both locally (equippable mods, upon selection) and remotely (internal mods, upon saving).

- Internal mods usually have no name, but when they do the names are mostly generic or just plain weird.

- Only mods/skins compatible with the selected weapon are displayed - internal mods are omitted.

- Mod values shown do not take into consideration any existing blueprints, i.e. they represent the changes to the output if that was the only mod equipped (same as in-game).

- The "Indexes" option displays the mod's index shift in the game's internal stats' tables, and is provided as a convenience for code diggers, developers or just random curious people.

- Selecting a 2nd mod of the same type will override the previous selection.

- Special icons mark the mods with existing equipment rules. Clicking on these icons will reveal the rules in detail.

- Disabled mods can only be selected if their equipment requirements have been met.

- Skin stats reflect the sum of their boost and blueprint stats, if any. Individual stats are provided for each of the skin blueprint's mods too, for reference.

- Berserker values use 1% health as base for damage calculations.

- Mods equipped for free by skins still have their cost added to the total.

- Shots to Kill's default difficulty is Overkill.

- Bulldozer breakpoint values include armor damage requirements.

- Captain Winter's breakpoint values are calculated for 80% of his health.

- Captain Winter's breakpoint global damage reduction bonus is ignored.

- Breakpoint values are calculated at run time. Increment steps: 0.01, 1 and 10 for damage outputs below 100, 1,000 and 10,000 respectively.

- Total damage value displayed must be equal or higher than breakpoint values to hit the next breakpoint.

- Cool enemies always require only one bullet shot.

- Stats for the "biker_escape" enemy have been omitted.


- Site visitors and users with non-public Steam profiles can only see crews with no reputation or playtime restrictions.

- Crews are sorted by creation date in descending order.

- Steam profile data is updated every 15 minutes.

- The option to join a game will only be visible if the host has a public profile.

- A default value will be used for each one of the input options that are left empty when creating a crew.

- Search is done using AND and OR operators. If you set two deployables and two perk decks, the search will match any crew with at least one match on both options.