Support PD2Tools moving forward!

With the huge influx of new players as of June 8th's PAYDAY 2 free purchase event, the site has experienced a +300% increase in traffic, which severely hindered its ability to serve content on a timely fashion to all visitors. A hosting upgrade is not only recommended but required at this points, so I decided to create -- with an OK from OVERKILL -- a Patreon site to fund the site moving forward.

There are a bunch of things I've put in the development roadmap but never got the time to do them so, besides getting the site back to 100% functionality, having some sort of funding would make it more easily to allocate time to spend on it, not to mention keep hosting more events and giveaways as I've been doing for the past three months.

A few small rewards/perks are also to be given to those who contribute, therefore consider becoming a patron if you like the site and support its goal. I wish I could offer bigger and more varied rewards, but I really don't want to create a paywall by adding patron-exclusive features to the site.

If you do not feel like contributing through Patreon, consider disabling any ad blockers in your browser while visiting it. There's a maximum of 1 (one) ad per page and I try to put them in visible but non-intrusive locations. Or, make sure let your PD2 crew/friends know about it privately -- mouth to mouth recommendation is the best advertisement a site can get.

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